Man stands face to face with the irrational. He feels within him his longing for happiness and for reason. The absurd is born of this confrontation between the human need and the unreasonable silence of the world.

Jon Gibson is ready for the truth.

Connor Ramirez - Channel 9 News

[...] We’ve been receiving a lot of viewer pictures and video clips asking about some strange lights seen in the sky over Central Iowa over the weekend. [...]

Lisa Williams - Witness

[...] I’ve seen them, and they are coming. I am convinced they are coming for a purpose. We have brought this upon ourselves, our inability to live without war, religion, greed, and inequality. We are a weak race and we will be overrun. [...]

Martin Jones - Witness

[...] They will not negotiate, they will neutralise our free thought, extinguish our human desires and make us in their own image. [...]

Sarah Erith - Psychiatrist

[...] “He recalls events that were not seen as though they were seen, for him the unseen becomes seen.” [...]

Dr Malcolm Roberts D.Phil

[...] The question is should we commit philosophical suicide? In order to relieve our own uncertainty do we need to kill our enquiring minds? [...]

Last Sighting

2016-01-26 - Zearing, Iowa, US.


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